May to July 2016

Check back often to see the most current schedule. For additional information about these events, check out the Le Hatchery Galleria Press Room.

A special Memorial Day reception will be held May 28 from noon to 4pm.
In May, our “Friends of Calico Gallery at Le Hatchery Galleria” will be the “West River Artist” group. Their colorful realistic and - in some cases - abstract art will delight your eyes and souls. The West River Artists works are displayed in the “Hatch” Gallery and the Lobby. We are fortunate to have our friends again for the month of June.
As mentioned above, the "Friends of Calico Gallery at Le Hatchery Galleria" for June will be "West River Artist" group.

Our 2016 Summer Art Camp for kids will run 5-6 weeks, 2 days per week for 3 hours each day (12-3pm). The cost will be approximately, but not more than, $25.00 per week. Art supplies will be provided by Calico Gallery. The camp will take place in our new demonstration and training room in the “Brooder” Gallery every Tuesday and Thursday 12-3 pm each week in July. Lisa Skibenes will guide the kids through the process of creating their target project of a mosaic (like the yellow bird) and acrylic mural painted on the parking lot side of the Le Hatchery Galleria building. Each child will sign their piece of the project right on the wall. Heidi Wetzel will help each student to create a woven sculpture of something they can take home and use. In addition, several other resident artists will demonstrate various art media.


The children are having a great time. Don't miss out!


Learn all about our Summer Art Camp for youth by clicking HERE.

In July, our "Friends" will be the Friday Morning Artists (FMA). The FMA is a very diverse group of artists and artisans that use water color, oils, acrylic, photography, glass and metal to create their unique one-of-a-kind art. Many of the FMA already display and/or create their art in the many galleries at Calico Gallery at Le Hatchery Galleria. Their art is very reasonably priced. Please come and check out the works of the Friday Morning Artists in July. You are also invited to their reception, to be held July 8 from 4 to 7 pm.
David Murphy will be our “Featured Artist” for July and will have a display of his colorful and FUN art in the main Lobby. Dave also displays his art in the “Roost” Gallery at Le Hatchery Galleria.
Also in July, we are planning to have a mid-summer arts festival. Lots of art and jewelry – old and new - will be for sale. Stay tuned for more information to follow.
Also, we are very fortunate to have made a commitment with water color artist Keith Whitelock to teach a series of Water Color classes. For current information on Keith, and other happenings at Le Hatchery Galleria, please check out our Facebook page.
Calico Gallery custom framing will extend it’s 20% discount on their highest quality custom framing through July, and will be offering a new product. Based on many requests, we will be offering you the opportunity to own an attractive – one of a kind – art enhanced NOAA map. You choose what you want painted, and either you or one of our artists will create the images on a pre-mounted map. The framing of the map will add the final touch.

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