November to December 2016

Check back often to see the most current schedule. For additional information about these events, check out the Le Hatchery Galleria Press Room.


This holiday season will bring many festive events at Calico Gallery @ Le Hatchery Galleria.

In December we will celebrate the Solstice and wonderful holidays, so throughout the building we will be decorated for Christmas and winter.

December will have a lot of fun and excitement starting with Saturday, December 3rd - our “1st Saturday Art Fest”. This special version of Art Fest will feature many holiday oriented activities. What a way to kick off your Holiday shopping season. Refreshments will be available for your enjoyment.

In addition to the unique holiday gift items our artisans and artists have already made – including a wonderful Christmas potpourri made by our resident artist Rose Doster, we have traditional gift items and children’s art supplies, candles, potpourri, floor, table top easels, and the like.

Holiday 2016


We started our holiday wreath project in mid-November. Our resident staff artist Sarah Williamson is our lead on this fun and festive activity. Get a beautiful wreath made here or bring your greens and décor and make your own wreath for a small fee. Or, if you just want to learn how to make your own wreath, stop in, or check out our Facebook page for scheduled classes.

Holiday 2016


Bring your dog to Le Hatchery Galleria on December 3 to have his or her photo taken with Santa. “Santa Paws” is a non-profit fund raising event hosted by the “Friends of the Easton Dog Park”. Bring your dog(s) in between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. Plan to come anywhere in that time period. The entrance will be clearly marked “Santa Paws”. Dogs--be the first on your block to see Santa this year.

Holiday 2016


Our resident artists want to help spread Holiday cheer by offering selected original works of art at a special discounted price. Check around the galleries to fine something you like. All pieces wrapped in a RED RIBBON will have a special holiday discounted price through the end of the year. For example, you can get resident artist Carolyn Councell’s “Crab Boat at Bay” (an original watercolor/pastel) for only…sorry, you have to come and check it out for yourself.

Holiday 2016

Looking towards the future, Le Hatchery Galleria will be hosting a pet photo contest. This is an opportunity for pet lovers everywhere to show off their pets while demonstrating their photographic skills. Advertising for this event will begin in December with a registration deadline of February 1, 2017. Your entered photos will be on exhibit at Le Hatchery Galleria February 1 through March 1, 2017 when “People’s Choice” voting will occur. This great event is being put together by our Resident Staff Artists/Photographers: Janet Kerr, Mary Konchar, Cal Jackson and Joe Soares. Check back for further information.

Pet Photo Contest


In November we will celebrate Waterfowl, so our lobby will have framed waterfowl art, legacy duck stamps, decoys, and posters from the past.
November will have a lot of fun and excitement starting with Saturday, November 5th - our “1st Saturday Art Fest”. Check out our resident artists and friends to see what they have made, or can make, for you. What a way to kick off your Holiday shopping season. Don’t worry… we will continue “Art Fest” throughout the winter on every “1st Saturday”. Refreshments will be available for your enjoyment.

Holiday 2016

Our artisans may have already made a great gift item for the lucky person on your list. Janette Jones’s inventory of colorful “fused glass” jewelry is growing every day. Paul Winters has made some unique fused glass coasters and many other décor items for your home. If it is hand made from glass or metal, it was probably made by Sharon Stockley. It is an easy bet that you will find a wonderful gift made by Sharon - for yourself or a friend. If it is cold glass you prefer, Lisa Skibenes is our resident “mosaic” expert. Lisa has just gotten into “dogs”. Bring in a portrait of your dog, and give Lisa the opportunity to make a lasting mosaic image for you. Speaking of mosaics, Come in and check out Lisa’s mosaic birds, stunning dragon fly, butterfly and many other unique items.

Janette Jones Paul Winters

Sharon Stockley

Also, in early November we will be starting our Holiday Wreath project. All wreaths will be made here – by our staff, or by you. As we build up our inventory of wreaths, we will begin projects where you can learn how to make a wreath, or you can come on and make your own wreath. Get into the Holiday spirit by making a beautiful wreath for your front door.
You still have time to get an “enhanced nautical map” before Christmas. We are offering you the opportunity to own an attractive – one of a kind – art enhance NOAA map. You choose what you want painted, and either you or one of our artist will create the images on a pre mounted NOAA map of your choosing. The framing of the map will add the final touch. In addition, we can transfer photo images of your boat or other Chesapeake icons we own onto any NOAA map.

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