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Download File November.2017 -- Calico Games and Toys Opens in Easton
Calico Toys and Games was a very successful business in St. Michaels, Maryland until Amazon became the craze, rents edged higher, and many locals forgot we were there. Many of the same locals and many tourists were very unhappy to find CTG had closed when last Christmas rolled around. All of the fun is back now in Easton, Maryland. Calico Toys & Games is now located at Le Hatchery Galleria at 125 Kemp Lane with its own double glass door entry on the Kemp Lane side of the building. Get the details HERE.

Download File March.2017 -- Shore Icons Mural
Originally conceived as a “street beautification” project in one of Easton’s Enterprise zones, “Shore Icons Mural” has evolved into a vision for a world-class educational and tourist attraction. At the heart of “Shore Icons Mural” is an expansive mural (13,500 sq. ft.) that will bring to life the often forgotten people, animals, activities and cultural icons that make our life on the Eastern Shore so wonderfully unique. You can see the mural design and learn how to contribute to this project on Get the details HERE.

Download File March.2017 -- Pet Contest Results
The results of the contest were announced on March 4. The People’s Choice Award went to Heidi Wetzel for her photo, “You can’t see me”. The First Place ribbon went to Easton local Dawn Phillips for her photo, “Cotton Trumps Trump”. The Second Place Ribbon went to Barbara Cook of Tilghman Island for her photo: “Foxy” and the Third Place Ribbon went to our Minnesota entrant Rita Vetsch for her photo, “Kasper”. Get the details HERE.

Download File January.2017 -- January Events
Registration for our first pet photography contest is now underway. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to get recognition for your art and your pet. Get the details HERE.

Download File December.2016 -- December Events
December will have a lot of fun and excitement starting with Saturday, December 3rd - our “1st Saturday Art Fest”. Wreath-making continues. Santa Paws will be with us on December 3, and there will be red-ribbon specials throughout the gallery. Get the details HERE.

Download File November.2016 -- November Events
In November we will celebrate Waterfowl, so our lobby will have framed waterfowl art, legacy duck stamps, decoys, and posters from the past. Saturday, November 5th - our “1st Saturday Art Fest”. Also, in early November we will be starting our Holiday Wreath project. All wreaths will be made here – by our staff, or by you. Get the details HERE.

Download File October.2016 -- October Events
Our "friends" for October are the members of the Tidewater Camera Club and on October 1 we begin the first of our monthly Art Fests. Then on October 8 the "Fishmobile" from the Phillips Environmental Center will be visiting. We also announce that our resident artist, Janette Jones, has just released her new line of fused glass jewelry, only available at Le Hatcher Galleria. Get the details HERE.

Download File September.2016 -- September Workshop
Sign up now for some early September Mosaic classes being scheduled at Le Hatchery Galleria. Join local mosaic artist, Lisa Skibenes, and create your own unique piece of mosaic art! This class meets Thursday and Friday evenings, September 8th and 9th from 6:30PM to 9:30PM and Sunday September 11th from noon to 4PM at Le Hatchery Galleria. Get the details HERE.

Download File August.2016 -- August Events
Wednesday Morning Artists are displaying this month as our "friends' of Le Hatchery Galleria, and collectively, our resident artists will featured specially. In addition, we will have an indoor/outdoor artisan craft festival on August 20. Learn about all that is happening in this press release: August.

Download File July.2016 -- July Events
The Galleria will be offering many fun-filled activities during July. For this month, Dave Murphy is the "Featured Artist". Learn about all that is happening in this press release: July.

Download File June.2016 -- June Events
Le Hatchery Galleria will be brimming with activity in June. Learn about all that is happening in this press release: June.

Glass Artisan

Download File 10.1.2015 -- Open House Announced
Calico Gallery of St. Michaels Custom Framing is pleased to announce its move to Le Hatchery Galleria, located at 125 Kemp Lane, Easton. To celebrate its new location, the public is invited to an OPEN HOUSE, SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14 FROM 10am to 6pm.

Download File 10.1.2015 -- Friday Morning Artists to Exhibit in November
Friday Morning Artists will be exhibiting at the Le Hatchery Galleria, located at 125 Kemp Lane, Easton, for the month of November 2015. An Open House will take place on Saturday, November 14th, from 10am to 6pm.

Another Day Out by Robert Manning

Stone Crusher by Robert Manning

Storage Room by Robert Manning

Download File 10.1.2015 -- About Friday Morning Artists
Friday Morning Artists is an eclectic group of artists mainly from Talbot, Dorchester, and Queen Anne Counties. They meet at 8 A.M. each Friday at Denny’s on RT 50 in Easton to collaborate, discuss art, and to socialize with likeminded art aficionados.